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Manual owners. Ever think about how the shifter surround looks.

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I think the shift boot surround/bezel looks like shit. Unfortunately it's part of the console panel and doesn't just clip in. But, what about cutting it off, and making a plate with clips that a shift boot would wrap around, clipping into the console. Dunno if anyone knows what i mean, but the shift boot would go right down to the console rather than that stupid plastic lip. Red alcantara shift boot would look sweet. Just posting for S&G.

The boot would wrap around the plate, so you wouldn't see edges.
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I have done a similar dash hack to a previous car. The trick is figureing out how you are going to reattach the surround so it doesn't look like a jagged mess. When I did it, I was able to use small nuts with bolts to reattach everything together, on the underside.

Also if you really want to get creative you can buy some spare pieces of ABS off ebay, then get a tube of fusor to bond everything together how you want, body fill, sand and paint, or cover with fabric.
Yeah i think i will saw the trim ring off the console and make a plate that has retaining tabs, with the shifter boot wrapped around the edge, held by that elastic stuff they use in upholstery, that will cover the edges. Red alcantara would be real nice.
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