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Master wiring sheet location...?

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Is there a "tech" section in these forums? I'm looking for the wiring mastersheet for my 2009 Versa S HB. Crutchfield is emailing me one soon, but I would like to get a jump on installing some aftermarket electronics.
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copied from here:2009 wiring different : Versa Audio / Video ""sfxc13 wrote:
I believe I figured out the correct wiring for 2009 Versa Hatchback. Once I finish my install I will confirm.

White - Left Front +
Brown - Left Front -
Purple - Left Rear -
Red - Left Rear +

Green Right Front +
Blue Right Front-
Teal Right Rear -
Gray Right Rear +

Teal* - ignition wire
black - ground
orange - illumination

* there are two teal wires. Before cutting pay attention to which teal is group with the speaker wire (8 wires without spaces on head) versus which is grouped with power (3 wires separated from others)""
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Thanks, Muzzle! I'll definitely get a harness for the HU. If I run heavier wires to door speakers, I guess I won't be splicing into factory speaker wires after all.
You're welcome. :)
Now that my DVD/Navigation HU arrived, I was wondering if there's a shortcut to splicing into the "parking brake" wire. The "switch" is right there next to the P.B. and under the center console trim panel, but getting tools in there could be tough. Any suggestions?
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