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Matchless Crowd Racing

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Got to ride around with a member from another forum in his GT-R today. We made it over to Matchless Crowd Racing in Yashio City (outside Tokyo). They mostly build bigger HP cars (350/370Z, GT-R, etc.) but I told the mechanic I had a Tiida in the USA. He said they have a cat-back exhaust in the works already. They had a Tiida in the back with some Nismo stuff on it. Nismo floor mats, some stickers, projector headlights, etc. They make a lot of carbon fiber stuff there in their shop, so I'm hoping they will make a few things for the Tiida. The little mechanic said they can about make anything if someone wants it. And after seeing their work on the GT-Rs, 350Z, and other cars at the shop I am going to keep an eye on them.

If you guys want some stuff for the Versa that is not going to be found easily, hit their site and send them an email. They were very nice to us to just walk us around the shop, show us all the cars, and just took care of us for no money in their pocket.
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