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What's up?! ;)
My names Winna
Just got a 2009 Nissan Versa hatchback
1.8 SL
FE +

My boyfriend is a major carhead! :)
So I've got some mod ideas in my little head. HAHA!
He used to own an Acura Rsx Type-S
But, he recently bought a Premium 2010 Wrx
I've always wanted to know more about cars in general; now's my chance!

This is my very first car and my parents bought me the Nissan Versa because its gas efficient which is BAWM! :D hahah I'm looking to mod my car inside and out, so this going to be a very big Journey for me!

So far I'm looking into putting visors, lowering, tinting and de-badging hahah give me some inputs! :D

Pictures from my mytouch! hahah okay quality
Meet dondon :)


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Welcome! I am pretty much on the same page as you as far as having this as my first new car to mod, and my boyfriend is also a big car guy.

As far as the mods go, you have a great list to start with, as they are very easy to do yourself and they are noticeable right off the bat.

Good luck with you modding and hope you love your Versa!

Btw, RS-X's and WRX's are awesome! Hopefully he will be able to help you out!

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Welcome to NVF! I like your ideas for your car already.

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thank you! :D I'm posting pic right now! ;) haha

thaaaanks :)

thank youuu! :D

omg thank you!!! hahahhahah damn ur boy is? haha what kind of cars is he into? looools our boyfriends should chitchat! :D
yahhh my mods are easy right noww hahah I'm still thinkin about other stuff but idk? haha and hell yes rsx's and wrx's are soooo sexay :)

hahah thanks I'm posting pics now :) i can't wait to mod my car yayayay!

wahahha thaaanks ill definitely grab my fav beverage and rome around this site :) hahah

thaaank you! :D I'm already going crazy clickin on all these threads! hah :)

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ahahah i guess so then; I don't really know much about versas in general! I know more about the luxury cars! haha -__-;; HAHAH I just got my versa out of no where. damn LOLS guess I shud do more research

what the...
No 12 year old talks like this... PWUAHAH
dang you must not talk to a lot of people if you're just judging by the way I type.
I just type all energetic nd stuff because that's the wayyyy I am :) yupyup
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