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Megan Racing Arrived...

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Finally yesterday arrived my megan racing spring.
and window visors.

I don´t have enough money to intall the springs, so maybe on the weekend I´ll intall the window visors. :woot:

Thanks Codelicious for the advice...

megan in box


window visors
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congrats install what you can and post a before and after pic :p
install of the springs is quick and easy. where you at?
Hope you enjoy your springs!

They aren't too bad to put on once you figure it out.
hey just got to auto zone and get a spring compressor and do it at home.
you get your money back on the compressor unless you break it.
Dang that Tiida looks nice. I would put springs on mine if it wasn't for the SCCA rules on stock. DANG IT!!
am i the only one that reads on the side of the box? Japanese steel, and to the lower left of it "MADE IN TAIWAIN" wtf?
IRONCUTTER i have a question how did you do the side turning markers? ive been looking to do that and idk what i should do and by the way i like the v
Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that Tiida's come with the side marker option or they all have them. It's one of the two :D

Just another feature us Versa owners don't get in the states!
haha well we could do it lol cause they have that like on ebay cause that looks sick
2- they all have them.:biggrin5:

I do not understand why so many differences between Tiida´s and Versa.
if wanting to add sidemarkers I suggest you get some off of a 00-02 infiniti g20. Reason I say that is they look very similar to the tiida ones and they are an OEM part. Which means quality. Also you can grab them out of a junkyard for cheap. Plus they say nissan on them :)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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