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Miles & Length of Ownership

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How many miles does your odometer read and how long you owned your V?

I'm sitting slightly over 11,000 miles and owned it for 15 months. It's running smooth and quiet.
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Picker her up April 2, 2008 ...
Today she has just about 23,000 KMS.
im at 29k miles :( hehehehe... its been a good car for me except the accident that could have been avoided if i followed my instinct hehehhee but then again my car still runs good despite the going up center lane divider and flooding out my engine :p then again theres no major repair my car walked away from the center lane divider with out a scratch lol also let me add i drove it from LA, Ca to North Chicago and stayed in harsh weather and pot hole roads for 2 years and brought it back to Los angeles, CA and still driving it today :p only thing i want to replace now is my suspension and get a full set coil overs :p
ive had mine for about 1 1/2 years and now i have almost 35K....
I've had mine for a year and a bit and nearing 100,000km.
AusTiida: HOLY COW! That is a lot of kms. Do you have a long commute to work!? Any problems with your Versa yet?
Bought my V on april 15th, 2009 with 15 miles on her. I will hit 10k miles this week. I drive a real lot. I work 39miles from home and I average about 90 miles a day. I pray my V gives me little to no trouble for at least 200k miles. I do 7500 mile oil change intervals and use valvoline synpower oil.
I drive about 75km's per day to and from work, so a decent drive I guess.

Nah no problems here, she runs like a dream still!
i was putting about 12K a year on mine.... now the Murano takes up all the driving.... i guess its all good except for the fact that i use 91octane in the Murano as opposed to 87octane for the Versa.... but oh well as long as my daughter is comfortable thats all that matters.... i will be putting more miles on the versa once i start working again...
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