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mini mods

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before =

the tools (blue kool aid not anti freeze)

my lovely assistant at work

rear splash guards installed (thanks barra) you can see the upper ones ^

everything back together

altogether, long day, fun day, around $40 and i enjoy the look :) gonna add some blue to the calipers when i figure out torque specs for re-assembly
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Whos the girl?
Car looks GREAT! Love how such a small mod can make a difference.
Now you have to buy the DLAA fog kit and it will be perfect, it's not very expensive and it's a high quality item.

I told you it was easy to install the splash guards.

I like this blue on versas, that color makes me remember the bmw m3 (estoril blue).
think you should also pain the center caps the same color blue also. Will see what i can find out for your torque specs for the brake assemblies.
A blue trim would also look really nice on the rims... My friend had that on his srt4
My guess it's his girlfriend...:shrug:
The girl could be the owner? :coolgleamA:
Possibly, he still hasn't said who the woman is.
Spot the single doods.


Nice mod bro, they came up good. I agree that you should do the ctr cap as well. If you're going to mod, go all the way :)
I'm painting my calipers black too, the only thing is that the only one my local auto store had was spray paint so I'm gonna take all that crap off before I paint it so it looks clean. :D
sorry it took so long to reply lol. i want to do blue on the calipers but dont want to spray inside the wheel well. so i got black temporarily and im going to add blue on top of it. the girl is my friend kelsie who i recruited for the day :) nothing official yet but its on its way. ill look into the center caps paint after i finish the brakes with blue... dont want any overkill lol any1 figure out torque specs on brakes? and as you can see from the beggining pictures, brake dust sucks on white rims. im considering getting them painted after this winter... thoughts on colors?
does anyone know where i can find different center caps? im probably going to have my spokes painted blue to match the car and id like to find some different ones... and i have an idea for a custom CAI. most of the problems with the CAI are that when it rains a ton, the car is in danger of taking a drink. what if we took the CAI straight to to fender and vented the fender? your air intake would be way off the ground and still have direct access to outside air... just a thought..
only way you'd ever see damage is if the filter was completely submerged in water.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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