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mirror lights

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hey guys,
I want to add led lights to behind the mirror on my v, to fire off whenever its corresponding turn signal lights up, giving the mirror a glowing outline. I'd rather not have to crimp a wire from the turn signal and feed it all the way back thru the firewall and then through the door grommet just to achieve this.

there must be a wire somewhere inside the interior that i crimp into for me to achieve this right? does anyone know?
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What if you wire it to the turn signal from the dash? Not the outside ones.

I don't know which wires, but the lights on ebay just use a 12v power.
hmm I never thought about that, ill look into the wiring diagram, altho i have a feeling that those turn signals in the dash are SMD leds, and wont have anything for me to wire into. i was hoping that i could just crimp into a wire from the BCM or something like that, since i already did that for all the leds that light up when i unlock/open doors.

anyone ever try this before? haha
Found it.

going off that, im guessing violet and white are the two in the middle. they are located on the same plug that the door supervisor wire is located on.

luckily there was already an image of the plug and image from the DIY interior lighting. which verifies the small violet and white wires in the middle

now to order the LEDs haha

[EDIT] whats the easiest (and safest) way to remove the mirror glass? I dont want to accidently snap it or break it, not too sure how strong it is.
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