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More JDM Goodness... Tiida Status

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Had to enjoy another warm day... you know double stick tape can't stick when it's cold outside... FINALLY...

PS. this is hiding a MASSIVE scrape caused by lugage :ihih:
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looks way better than my black bumper protector!
Diggin' the Chuck's. and the protector.:wink5:
yeah comfy chucks... best driving shoes ever
That looks HAWT! How much did that piece cost?
search "tiida bumper" on ebay... it was $60...

I have one in my house if you want one... had a problem with shipping ended up getting 2 in the mail... had to wait 2.5months
I would totally do it, but I already ordered the OEM one from eBay. Also, the Tiida one doesn't provide much coverage... about half the black one from Nissan.
I think the tiida one is designed to go over the black one... I just aint feel like ordering the black one... if you want it take it for $30 shipped ;)
looks cool, just not a fan of chrome or something similar to it
I hate chrome... It's brushed aluminum... :)

If the Tiida piece was the same size as the OEM Nissan Versa one, I'd do it. Laying it on top of the black would make it look cluttered and out of place. Sorry, buddy. But create a separate post... that's a good deal for $30!!!!!
if you'd be willing to wait about 2 weeks i'll take it
Johnlocke.. It's in the classifieds been there since last month :)
Looks good.
I LOVE Chrome.
I can't wait to install my new Chrome grill this weekend (depending on weather of course)
By any chance what would those turn signal mirror covers look like.. Any of you seen those?

They come paint matched and all... I'm thinking about em
dont order the mirror covers, they wont fit... our mirrors are taller than those of a TIIDA..
skunk... thanx alot... that's one item I won't need to buy then lool
you could get them to work if you know a good bodyshop that will mold them to your existing mirrors, or you can try and import tiida mirrors... but i think the body shop idea would work better.... I personally would like to install some sidemarkers...
Jesus christ dude... I guess the term great minds think alike is accurate... Sidemarkers blinking w/ turn signals... ;)

I'm doing a little secret planning also... I need a new dremmel
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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