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More legroom for a tall guy (Versa 2007)

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Hi guys,
I've just got a Nissan Versa 2007 and I'm very happy with it. The only thing that I've noticed is that my knee jams into the dashboard (I'm 6' 6'') and after a while, it get's somewhat painful. :(

Do you think it is possible to get some extended seat sliders to get more legroom? Or perhaps get something between my knee and dashboard that might soften the pressure?

I hope to hear from you to help me out.

Looking forward to learn everthing I can about my new car.

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I'm only 6' but I don't have the seat all the way back and my knee hit's on the right side. It gets a little annoying. I too though of putting a soft pad there. I think it would work perfectly and with some skill can look almost OEM.
I'm 6-5 and have the seat all the way back, never had a problem. Even when I scutch forward a bit to give rear passengers a bit more room. Not even when I constantly move knees up and down cause of the clutch. Maybe is the angle you have your legs at or maybe they just a bit longer than mine lol. Either way try messing around with the steering wheel, move up as much as it can. Also your can lower the seat about an inch or so too so maybe that might help, have you tried that?
I'm 6'3" and I am fine in my V. like Red said even when I move forward a bit to make room... though really have not had to as back seats seem to have enough room for passengers as well....
my issue is how my right knee kind of flops to the side. I can hold it up and it not hit but it's just not how I am comfortable driving. I which there was a cutout to the left of the hvac controls. That's where I make contact. It's not a big deal to me and I hope the OP finds a fix for him.
Thanks everyone for your many quick replies! The exact issue I have is the one decribed by robj80 (my right knee kind of flops to the side and hits on the left of the hvac controls).

I have the seat all the way back and all the way down. So nothing much to do there. I have not tried moving the steering wheel up. I'll give that a try tonight.

Regarding potentially adding a soft pad. Do you think something like this would work: Eagle 971-7052 - 6 Inch SUPER-TACK Extra-Soft Interface Pads - 1pad/box ?

I really appreciate all your suggestions for my problem. Please, keep them coming. :)

something like that will work. Not sure how well that glue will keep on the dash though so you might need to add some. I personally would go with some 3m click lock tape so that it's removable. And I would wrap it in some vinyl, leather or match the seat cloth for a more OEM look.

Can you tell I thought about this before LOL.
I recently talked with a guy that said he knew a person that was so tall, he removed the front seat and sat in the back seat to drive.
I will give it a try and see how the soft pads work out. At this point it is more important the comfort than the esthetics. Thanks for your advice. I hope this works.
i gain a bit of leg room moving the seat up, in Versa and Altima. Welcome!
That's interesting, although it sounds counter intuitive. I'm not sure how much space would I have between my legs and the steering wheel though. I'll give that a try as well.
I too have this issue, And was hoping there was some more ideas. I have yet to purchase a versa, but would like to. I can't if I don't know that theres a solution.

Im 6 ft 6.. and my knee hits the console, very painfully. if there were four more inches, it would be fantastic. and Im not quite big enough for the pull out the front seat..

When I had my Cherokee, I unbolted the seat from its mounting points on the metal support harness, and drilled new holes in it, remounted it, which gave me about 2-3 extra inches.... any idea if that would be possible?

Additionally, I saw this add-on Seat Bracket(s) and wondered if there would be extra room with this, and replacing the seat all together.

Thank you for the thoughts and ideas.
2011 S vs. SL Seats

I am 6'4" 370lbs, and I can fit in it.

I too have the knew into the dash issue. I have a 2011 S and was wondering if the optional SL seat with adjustable height adjustment, can be adjusted lower than the non adjustable seat? Does anyone know?

If not, any SL owners willing to measure, to determine which seat sets lower?
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