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I am in Galveston Tx on vacation. Would have gone to Fl. But weather isn't cooperating. Average mpg 34 mpg for the trip. 1.8 Versa S HB.

.... MPG average stayed at 34 the whole trip. We were driving in the 70+ mph range also. Not a great week to take a vacation. We headed to Branson, Mo., thinking that if we stalled out, not going anywhere, at least we could see a couple shows there. But S. Texas stayed clear and calm while Fl. was getting an arctic push. What I remember about Tx is that the southern part would stay calmer in winter months than Fl. If I was to retire tomorrow, I would move back to Texas. Probably somewhere in the south central part. Far enough away from hurricanes but close enough to get to the Gulf when needed. Maybe the Shiner area.
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