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Hey everybody,

My name is Jimmy, and just got my 2008 Versa back in April. I had no real interest in getting it modded, as it was going to be my simple DD, so I opted for the base model. However, after hearing news of Tein working on some Coilovers, i got interested back in the scene. I have em currently installed and will post pics tomorrow.

Some info about me: Ive been a member of for a LONG while, as that was my first car when I came back from the hell we know as Iraq. I did a B-series swap (LS) in my 89 Integra and had my fun. I moved up to a DA, however that car got boring quick. I sold it and bought the versa. I'm no big tech head, but know a thing or two about this and that.

Now that the S.Tech's are installed, he said they would invite me back over when the BASIC Coilovers are back in the states. The ones they originally had were too long. Back to Japan they went. Ill keep you guys updated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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