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my idea ?

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going to the sign store today to see how this is going to look on the car

im going to make it and put it on and this is going to be my new logo on the back to windows

what do you all think
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nice idea, I'm not a fan of the font though.
well rob that why i asked lol so what do u think would be a good font?

i need to know before i ask mary for some time on the computer to make this lol
this is what i have so far but its just a demo so does this look good its on 240sx now cuz david liked it

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that looks pretty good. I don't like serif fonts on decals. That font is good.
im still working on it so if anything ill have it done later tonight or later this week people help me out give me some ideas so i can make this and not take it off in a week lol
I'm not to fond of the first one but I really like the second one! Looks super good!
thank you all thanks then thats the one im going with cuz its already made and im going thursday to pick up also made me some ( logos too
That's a creative logo! I really like it, should of thought of that before.
well what can i say ill be putting it on later this week

its on and looks good
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Im doing this from my phone and this is hard then i would think but thanks man i was happy to get it and two people with versa asked me about the web site so i gave them the 411 about it so hope they join
i was talking to my wife the other day, i told her i wanted my license plate to spell out vice versa..... i'm sittin on my ass trollin the interweb, and this is what i find. love the idea, i'm not a fan of stickers on my car, i only have one, and its my moped gang's logo
I agree for the second one, but the logo is kinda out place in my opinion.
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