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my nissan versa train horn

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hello this is my new nissan versa 2007 ... i have keep my train horn on my old truck and i have install on the versa !!!:thumb2::ihih::woot:

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AHHHHHHHHHH hahahahahaha!!!!! I usually don't post much but I had to log in and give you props for it! This is the best mod ever..great job
haha nice, love it!

i would constantly be driving around and honking if i had that installed, i'd probably scare the bejebus out of people :p
I like that dude. It would be great for bad drivers that cut me off.

I also like where the front plate is mounted. How did you do that?
That has been on my list of things for my V
I want a bigger horn now..
That's awesome, all you need now are flashing lights lol.
hahahaha its so funny to horn girls she scary everytime this is a ebay kit 152db ...and for my front plate is only fix with ti-rap loll
that's one loud horn! LOL I "Like"
What was the point of that last video?
the last video is my older job towing man loll is a cadillac escalade ...
Hey mathieu, mind if you can give us the link to where you purchased the horn?
this is the link for freestylin and everyone wanna big horn haha :)

Triple Train Air Horn Kit + 110 PSI Air System 150dB+ | eBay
How did you fit the whole "enchilada" in your Versa? Please specify. Thanks!
i have remove the plastic plate on the top...after i have remove the front grill and thay have too horn ..unplug one and fix the air horn and put the selenoil with one of two original horn and after replace the grill and the top plastic sorry im not verry good in english but if i dont have respond corectly at your question tell me lolll
Funny how you can hear the factory horn in the bg can you disconnect it?
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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