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My versa won't start

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I have been googling and working on my 09 versa sl all morning and I'm getting a bit desperate! It will crank but not start up, just kinda make that whirring sound as it struggles. I tested the battery, 12.6 v jumps to 14 when it cranks. I turned on the peer while my wife listened in the gas opening and she heard the sound of the fuel pump. I've checked the fuses. Where should I go from here?
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I had read up on fuel pressure regulator failure however all instances seem to result in the car eventually starting. I have had no issues with it starting and now it won't start at all despite multiple attempts today. I've searched and found no pressure regulator problems where the car didn't eventually start, am I being foolish?
I tried jumping and it didn't work. I eventually gave up since it's still under warranty I had them take it in and guess what it started at the shop fine. I asked about the pressure regulator and said it wasn't giving him any codes, not exactly an answer but whatever. He said he would continue to look and call me back. I haven't heard from them and it's after five so I guess I'll call tomorrow.
Someone asked me that same thing about it being in park. I took it out and into neutral and back in my troubleshooting.
And do you believe it's a result of that pressure regulator? Mine was both moved a short distance and then sat for almost 48 hours so it sounds like I've got a similar issue.
I called the shop this morning and they say it's still cranking fine but they want to hang on to it and see if they can find a problem, I almost feel like I'm better on my own at this point and they are just wasting my time.
They called me back and said I had a bad cylinder and it needed to be fixed but I can pick it up and drive it. I have to provide proof of service which I foolishly didn't keep my invoices and the station where I go to says they can't find them but I'm in the system they just don't know how to print more. Hopefully I can find something or I guess I'm s o l.
Well that's not my main problem as they say it's running I'm going to find more details about how they came to that conclusion. I'm more worried I'm not going to be able to track down enough of my service info to satisfy them and they are going to try and weasel out of covering the cost. Any advice?
I had to get an oil change so I have an invoice that has most of my history on it however I also used another place that's out of business so I don't know if I'm gonna get hassled about the gaps. I went to pick it up at 8 am and the few people who were there didn't know what the hell was going on so they gave me my keys and left. I've heard some negative stuff about their shop from a coworker who used to take her maxima there but doesn't anymore. I don't know what to think at this point they told me they would have someone contact me so I'm gonna let it rest for today. The car drives fine, same as it has been, I don't hear any noises or experience anything that would lead me to believe there was anything wrong other than sometimes I get a slight tremble when I'm stopped at a light but I honestly figured that was probably a sign that the plugs were getting older or something of that nature.

Oh also they told me it that one of the battery terminals was loose. I don't buy that I think they are just using it as an excuse because I replaced the battery myself a year and a half ago. I figure I wouldn't have been getting 14v when it was trying to crank if a terminal was loose but that's just a guess.
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Thanks. As I suspected no one from the dealership has contacted me so I'm probably going to see how it drives over the next few days. I'm only at 32000 miles and my warranty is good to I believe 60000 so I've got some wiggle room. I'm a bit afraid to press them about it because I really don't trust them. How do you test for a bad cylinder? Someone told me they do a compression test, should I have it checked elsewhere?
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