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Well I Found a supplier that is willing to build the kit to my specifications.
Basically Using Renault Clio cup, and JDM latio specifications. I was able to put together a working kit. that fits the new funky top mounts, and low trunk floor.

I have been building custom suspensions for over a dozen years, so while the prototypes were fabricated using EUDM imported parts it's less expensive to have a major coil-over builder make a kit.

K-Sport is willing to build the parts for me, to my specification. (and the price is reasonable)

The Beta Test on the first kit is done and after a few changes in spring rate and damping I can make them available for sale. after 3000 trouble free miles I fell we are ready to go.

Here is the 1st set installed, I'll take more detailed pics when I change the springs out.

Specs 50mm+ 36 click Monotube Adjustable dampers
Your Choice of spring rate (I recommend 7.2kg F and 6.0kgR)
But the sky is your limit Lowering from stock to -6.0

$1399 Delivered Boxed Taxed and tagged (group purchases welcome)

Next Project is the adjustable Rear sway-bar

3/4" 20mm Hollow Torsion bar style tube with aluminium tie rods and drop links. Just like a real race car.
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