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Navigating with video input?

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Hi Versa-lovers! I am a new (and pretty much proud) owner of 2013 Versa SV. I am also a new driver and looking for the ways to keep the car alive as long as possible.

So I would like to to install rear view camera and to have a navigating system to show a video stream from the camera. I also want to keep original built-in radio so I am looking for not-in-dash navigating solution.

There are a lot of such navigating systems so I am looking for pretty cheap and simple one (less than $100) that can be mounted on front glass and had video input AV-IN socket.

Any help or suggestions of your own experience would be highly appreciated.
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It is a tall order to get a standalone navigation unit with backup camera for $100.

I would think swapping out the headunit to one that is setup for a backup camera and just buying a mount for your phone to use it as navigation would be the cheapest way. I'm sure you can get an OEM nissan headunit and backup cam for $100. My girls old 2012 altima had a headunit for that and I think Nissan uses that same one still. So it's been out for years and they are probably all over ebay.

But as you said you want a standalone. Magellan and garmin both have navs and wireless backup cameras. The navs accept video in. But I'm seeing the camera's themselves for about $150, then money for equipment to hook them up and the nav units a couple of hundred. Basically what I saw was about $500 for what you want to do. I know it can be found for cheaper but nothing I found was close to $100 all said and done.

Goodluck and hope people know of a product that fits your criteria. Post up your solution if you find one on your own. I'm curious as to what you come up with.
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I think you are right. I found that I can easily use my Iphone as a navigator and so bought holder for it for dashboard and a rear view camera with a simple monitor. Haven't installed it yet. It was the cheapest solution I guess :).
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