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Near completing purchase!

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Hello! I'm embarking on my first real car purchase -- my current car, a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire, was a high school graduation gift from my parents.

I must say, I have been quite pleased with my local Nissan dealer. The Versa was the first car I test drove and, quite honestly, the only one I felt comfortable in beforehand to want to test drive it. I'm also looking at a Ford Fiesta.

I have a few questions that I'm hoping I can gain some unbiased (at least, from a non-salesman) insight on.

I'm looking to purchase the 2011 Versa Hatchback 1.8 SL with the Bluetooth package. It does not have a moonroof or accent lights, but are these something that could be installed easily at a later date? I'd also like to get some sort of plastic runner placed near the hatchback door to eliminate scuff marks. Do you have any suggestions on upgrades that you can do yourself? I'm browsing the forum and reading a lot about them, but thought I'd ask here as well. :)

I realize that a lot of this may be dealer-type questions, but I'm just looking for some advice regarding your suggestions for things you wish you might have looked into when purchasing.
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The Versa is my first car and has been a great one :D Love her to pieces.

I guess if you really want a sunroof you could have it installed aftermarket; but it might end up costing the same as having it come from the factory. I have one from the factory, and aside from a small leak within the first year; it's been fine (fixed under warranty).

Also, for the bumper you can buy one of these from Nissan:

It sticks on and protects the top of the bumper (near the hatch) from scratches.

Close up:
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I'd buy it with factory sunroof, getting an aftermarket one would void your warranty.

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The Versa was my first new car as well. Can't be happier with my purchase. However the mazda 2 and the ford fiesta was not an option as its fairly new. I regret not getting a moon roof / the sport package and I really wish I had gone that route. I looked into after market moon roofs but a lot of people advised to stay away due to leaks and warranty concerns. However other things like accent lighting and spoilers can be added at a later date.
Hello! I'm embarking on my first real car purchase -- my current car, a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire,
Yeah, I don't think a sunfire is a real car either:Djk:biggrinjester:
But seriously, I had factory and after market sunrooves [sunroofs?] that leaked. If Nissan will stand behind their product, go for it!
...and good job researching before buying! 08v
Thanks, everyone! I love the pictures -- I'll definitely be getting one of the bumper protectors. I've decided not to go with a sunroof, just to keep costs down.

The Nissan dealer is doing a credit check on me now! :)

I have an extremely stupid question:

Nissan wants to charge me $435 to install the interior accent lighting. I know this can be done for cheaper and my boyfriend's brother is able to do it. However, does it void your warranty if you install it yourself? Secondly, what IS interior accent lighting? I know what it looks like, but when is it on? Is it on only when the engine is in park? Do you have to manually shut it off?

Thanks so much for your help!

08v: Yeah, it's not really a car. ;) But, it's served me well.
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Sunfire is decent though, dads 02 has well over 200k and passed all the tests it needed. Plus it's still running the original clutch. Dad likes it as his work car.

And I think if you can get someone to install the light kit you'd be better off. Nissan likes to charge a lot for servicing and installation.

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I think its best to get everything from factory, that way you don't have to deal with it later.

I like the HelloKitty Versa, its got everything!!

even the bug deflector that you can only get in Canada...well that's where its from :doh:

my advice is, get it from the factory.

hope everything works out! :thumb2:
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Don't buy an aftermarket sunroof. Accent lights can be done for cheap. Anyone who pays for dealer parts or service is a money throwing sucker.

Welcome to the forums.
Here's pictures of my new baby -- picked up today! :) I didn't go with the interior accent lighting; I'm going to have my boyfriend's brother install the lighting. I'm hoping she does okay in Iowa's harsh winters.

Goodbye, old reliable!

Helloooooh, beautiful!

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spoiler, SL wheels and painted sideskirts!! :thumb2:

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Looks good. Does it have the sports bumpers? Wanna sell me the SL alloys? :D
Looking nice, put some tints on that and you're all set.
Looks very good. Never understood why when nissan has one nice looking model they just don't make them all that way. My point being the SL or previously known as sport kit looks so much better then the other Versa's. Another car is the Rogues. The Krom looks freakin awesome while the others are just blah. One bumper doesn't really cost them any more then another or at least not much.
It's all about the money. The diffrence between the two in cost when making might not be much but we don't know that and they want to keep it that way. Some people can't affort the extra 2-3k to get the SL so they just strip it down a couple hundrend dollars and charge use thousands if you think about it. I mean the only diffrence between the base and SL is ground effect, spoiler, alloys, and fogs. At least in physical apperance, so when you look for all those parts outside of nissan corp. they don't even add up to 1500but yet they charge 2-3k for the diffrence. So once again it's all about the cash.
Thanks, everyone! I'm so happy and I'm glad I had this forum available to research before I bought. Really, really helpful!

I believe it's also about the CVT, as well. SL has CVT -- base does not. But, to be entirely truthful, one of the main reasons I got the SL is because it has the sport cloth interior. The base/S is only made with cloth; I didn't like the feel of it (felt too much like velvet to me). Believe me, I stressed A LOT about whether or not the SL was the right choice! It also helps that the SL currently has a $1,500 rebate on it through the end of March. After I did the calculations, I really wasn't spending that much more on the SL than the base. I guess I bought at the right time. :)

Tint has been brought up to me, as well. Maybe tinting just the back window would work well? Any other suggestions? The bumper protector costs $55 for Nissan to install. I'm just going to buy OEM for $30 and save that extra cash! I'm also considering adding halogen lights. My boyfriend's family has a lift at their house and they're big car people, so that's exciting.

I think it's strange that they hatch only has one tiny light on the left-hand side. I wonder why they didn't put it on both? It's really dark at night.

Here's the back and front for those that asked. I think this is the sports bumper, yes. (Is it?)

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Yes you have the sport bumpers :D :D

Did you end up getting the sunroof or no?
Doesn't look like she got the sunroof. Very good looking car, and i guess after rebates it's not so bad :thumb2:
Adding all those extra accessories (spoiler, painted side skirts, SL wheels, sports bumper, ect…) would increase the production cost in the millions.
To paint the side skirt cost..lets say it cost 200 each [as an example] and they build 30,000 versas there’s one on each side so that would be 400.00 for both side skirts to be painted so…. 400.00 Extra for painted side skirts X 10,000 versas = 4,000,000 millions and they will pass that extra cost to the consumer

So whatever they don’t paint and whatever they don’t install to the base model, will reduce the retail sticker price. Even if it’s a small lil tiny fraction of the cost, in the long run will drop the cost to make big time and they won’t have to pass that extra cost to the consumer. Including corporate federal tax, labor cost where the vehicle is made ect...
that's why everything is made in china, cheap labor!
Anyway, that's just my opinion
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