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Need audio ideas.

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Hey Everybody! First glad to say that the new 2012 seems to finally be working as advertised (although I can't understand why my wife is only getting about 28 mpg on a 6 block commute while I get 35+ on a much longer one). Anyway, it's time to start doing something to kill the plain "Ugly Betty" feel so I'm looking to start with audio. If anybody has any advice on any of the smaller subs amps that will fit under the seat etc. but still have decent sound I'd appreciate the advice. Most of my cars have been "big bodies" and I never put a system into any of the smaller ones. I've been looking into the Kicker hideaway sub but I wanted to see what you guys thought first. I'm looking around the net for reviews etc but the way I see it, I'd get the best advice here. Thanks for the time guys.

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The reason your wife's car is getting less MPG is that the car has to warm up to operating temperatures. In doing so the car consumes more gas. So short trips will never lead to good MPG. The colder it gets the worse the effect.

On to the radio, I have had good luck with hideaway set-up. You will pay a premium for the convenience of a unit pre-built and the sound will be fine. Can you build a better unit that sounds better for less? Yes. But time and convenience comes into play also. The Best thing I did for my set-up was to swap out the headunit. I then added a small sub/amp later.
Went with this: Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.

Good luck :thumb2:
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