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Need brake pads & Shock(s) 30k+ Miles

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I've put about 30k miles on my '12 Versa. I can hear my breaks are wearing down. I'm wondering what are some alternatives for upgraded pads/rotors... Should I just get OEM replacements?

Also need a shock.. My GF somehow hit a bump somewhere and I took it for an alignment than was told I need to replace it. I saw a set of some real nice lowering shocks but like the current ride hit so just need an OEM any preferred brands or sites where I can get these items?
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My car has 46K miles and about 40 percent brake pads left. 30K seems awful early to replace the pads. Do you brake hard a lot?

i was driving with warped brake discs from 6 months.

when i went to get them machined yesterday, they also checked the brake pad and told the brake pads need a change as well.
The old brake pads were only a year old.

That is - they replaced my 1 year old brake pads, which were driven for 16,000 km's only.

However after machining brake discs and changing pads, i see a noticeable difference and no more steering vibration whilst braking.
It is all in how hard and if you ride the brakes will determine the life of the pads. On my 08 Versa SL I went 105k on the OEM brake pads and shoes. 30k miles on pads does seem a little strange they should have lasted another 30k before needing to be replaced.
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