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Hello all.

I just got a bunch of stuff from crutchfield- 2 polk audio speakers, a new head unit, and a sub with connectors/adaptors/etc.

I have NO clue what I'm doing and was hoping to get some help. First: What project do I start on first? the head unit, front two speakers, or sub? Or all at the same time?

Next, any details you have on how to do the install. Crutch did not have a master sheet for my '15 versa note, so Im left scrambling. How do I remove/install head unit, remove doors and speakers and install that, and most confusing of all, the sub?

Additional note: I have dynamat and crimp connectors.

TL;DR Any advice for installing a new sound system on '15 Versa Note!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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