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need help with new headlights!

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Ok so I've got a 12 versa hatch 6spd I've ordered coilover springs for it and painted interior blue and added a nee deck and dcsports exhaust but I want different headlights and tail lights can't seem to find non any where I'm currently in the military and in Kansas and there's not reallyanything around here for car customization. Any info would be great and also what size are the fog lamps I need to add those as well I have the basemodel thanks
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As for the tail lights and head lights, there used to be a bonanza of them on eBay but for the past year they've all disappeared. You could always order the Tiida S-Tune tail lights. Beware though the S-Tune lights will stick out from the rear bumper an inch or two since the JDM Tiida has a longer bumper.

EDIT: Found this on the Aussie eBay:
Ebay is not a bad place to look. Nice start for you V by the way.
Thanks yea I've got a lot more I want to do I'm eventually gonna try to add lambo doors and gauges on the pillar but if anyone has any more info on different types of headlight that would be great or how to smoke the tailights.. and also what size are the fog lights so I can add some with blue lights
What about blacked out headlights? Not like the tint. Actual blacked out headlights. I'm not a huge fan of chrome ones on my V.
Yea it sounds pretty legit do you have any pics of them or a link to them
Here are some pics of mine.

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Here are some pics of mine.
Oh you show off :limp wrist:
Yea I like those where did u purchase them or make em and you got a price range how much it cost you
Around $250. I traded my OEM lights for em with another member,but Ebay has them every know and then. I don't think anyone still makes them though.
they are always purchasable from the factories overseas for a solid 500$ haha
Ok cool what kind are they so I can look em up u got any idea the size of the fog lights I can use as well
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