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Need Lowering Spring/ Strut Help!

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I'm in the process of putting in my lowering springs and have both strut assembly's removed from the car. The next step is to remove the top nut but it's on so tight that I can't get it to move with out turning the rod with it. I've tried using vice grips but nothing seems to work. Has anyone had this problem when trying to put on their lowering springs? any help will be appreciated
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Spray it down with some WD40 that should help loosen it up.
You have to use an Allen wrench in the top of the "rod", it won't hurt anything if the rod turns.
you need a 6mm allen wrench and a 18mm open end wrench. I removed mine with a impact gun
Did you vise grip the rod? Hopefully you clamp it near the top or you've just killed the strut.
Harry 28
How did you get the top strut bolt out that was under the firewall? Did you remove the plastic wall, the hood, or something else? I have an 07 Versa and am trying to replace my struts.

you can remove the whole plastic piece attached to the windshield wipers, and that would be easier, but you can also remove the rubber piece above the bolt to get to it. that way will take a little more patience but may be quicker and less complicated.
I didnt remove the cowl. You can remove some pieces from it and get to the rear bolts on the strut.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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