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Neutral Safety Switch still not working after being replaced

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Hey all,

I’ve been having some issues for the past few weeks with my 2019 Versa having rough gear shifting when accelerating from stop lights and sometimes the indicator on the dash that says what gear I’m in shows up blank. Once the check engine light came on I got it tested and it came up that the neutral safety switch needed to be replaced. I replaced the old switch and the new switch seemed to work perfectly fine for a few days but now the check engine light is back on and the issue has progressively fallen back to how it was before the switch was replaced. I’ve had it checked since and the issue still comes up as a neutral safety switch issue when I do the diagnostic check.

Any suggestions?
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It likely needed to be set exact to be in the middle of travel. But if the shifter is getting erratic enough to not repeat positions in space every time it gets moved then shifter or cable(s) can cause it.

If CVT trans I suppose there could be internal wear to cause it too, maybe even on a manual trans, on the internal shift linkage.

Historically on cars the shifting linkage from your hand all the way to inside of trans needs to be tight and work every time by going to the exact same spot needed for different gears. Then the neutral switch reads that supposedly locked in position to tell computer what gear you are in. Any looseness anywhere can mess that up, it will show in that switch first, switch either being still good or not good. Loose linkage can make a good switch appear bad.
AND, if CVT the trans can be messed up to have the gearing say partway between 1 and 2 lets say and the switch might show gear 1 but the trans be closer to 2 thus making switch act up again, or appear to. The problem being CVT really only has ONE variable gear platform, the thing can be getting messed up and the neutral switch may be fine. just doing it's job of reporting to computer where it THINKS trans is then computer gets other inputs like speed sensor and stepper motor that argue with the neutral switch.
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