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New 09 versa owner in ca!

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My gf just got a 2009 Nissan Versa. We currently reside in Upland CA. Just here to get some ideas what we can do to her car. Already have a few ideas such as lowering springs for sure. New rims when the funds are available. Probably a front lip or rear roof spoiler. Give me some tips im always open to suggestions and opinions :D
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Welcome to the forums. Sedan or hatch? Some suggestions are tinted windows, fog lights, aftermarket audio, exhaust, intake systems, etc.
Welcome to nvf. Cosmetic modifying is the most popular, a lot of the performance mods don't do a lot so ppl don't mess with em. Although I like the sound from the short ram intake paired with the cat back. It's all up to you, and what makes you happy with the car.
Look pretty good lowered an inch or two Welcome!
Thanks guys! Sorry forgot to mention what kind of versa she got. It is a 09 Black Versa HB. Definitely first thing I'm doing to her car is lowering it. Probably not getting into to much performance upgrades trying to keep mpg as is. Car came with tint in the back but probably going to do a light tint in the front since its bare at this time. Anyone have recommendations for lowering springs? I am looking to put 17's or 18's if it will fit. Tried doing a search for people with 18's on here but no such luck yet. If you guys can point me in the right direction it would be great.
I dont really know about wheels but as far as lowering springs Teins are good, and so are Tanabes. has all parts available parts for the versa and soon to come supercharger, but that's been 4 years or so in the making with only one actual supercharged versa and very few updates. I think a couple ppl on the forum have 18s, most use 17s and lower the car.
Welcome to the forums! Most forum-ers have 17s and lowered cars about 1-2inches. There is a couple of 18s floating around but there might be an issue with rubbing at ultra tight turns. And there is a handful of people with super lowered cars (mostly with use of D2s and KSport)
Thanks again for the input. Might be looking into getting the tanabe seems like the popular demand. Can anyone chime in on whats the best offset range I should be staying in when looking for new wheels?
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