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New 11 Versa 1.8 Auto HB

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I bought one at end of April. Needed to replace my 99 Tahoe 2dr. First economy car, picked up w/5 miles, now have over 500. First tank avg was 25, second tank was 27.6. 60/40 highway/city driving. Figure savings will be substantial over Tahoe on gas.

So far I am impressed, handles well. Since is base car, has no frills and works good as commuter. Power is above adequate to stay with traffic. Much quieter and roomier than Scion we test drove.
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Welcome to the forums. Glad to hear you're happy with the V. Which part of FL do you live in?
Welcome aboard

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welcome to the forums
fuel economy will only get better as the engine breaks in:) CVT or stick?
For an entry level car, no one else can touch the mid size car roominess. Welcome! 08v:D
Welcome, hope you enjoy the new car.
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