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New 17x7 wheels wide tires?

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Whats up guys! I just ordered some Motegi MR116 17x7 +40 offset wheels and need some opinions on tires sizes. I know 215/45/17 is the norm but my goal is to fill the wheel gap as much as possible. Im looking to run 225/45/17 and wondering if ill have any rubbing or any cons with the wider tires... also i have the tanabe springs installed as well. here is some pics

Motegi MR116 17x7
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Whats going on dude. I didnt know you were over here. The Vs looking good as always.

As for the tires, I'd go with the 225s, shouldn't have any issues, not sure though.
If you run bigger tires it will throw your speedo off I believe. The same goes for your odometer.
Yeah, and you'll be getting worse performance and MPG.
Welcome to the forums! Nice looking Versa.

I have 17" summer rims and tires ... MPGs weren't affected by it that much. My MPGs only went down when I put the roof racks and bike up top.
Welcome to the forum, nice choice of rims. They will look great on your car as is.
Thought that V looked familiar Welcome!
that will fit. I ran 225/35r18 and now 215/45r18 the new size is 5% too tall
thank you for the welcome! been busy and finally getting back to doing stuff to the V and the mod i been looking forward to since i got it. I should be getting the wheels friday and get the tires mounted by next week!
Cool, post pics!
getting them mounted tomorrow @ 9am. Ill post pics!
Should look good, cant wait to see
picture time

Motegi MR116 17x7 +40 offset
225/45/17 Kumho Ecsta AST

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Very nice!

Your car is so clean. You must not be experiencing winter like we are, lol.
Looks really good
looks good I was thinking about getting those at one time
Looks good. I have the same tires, but 215 width. Mine rubs on the wheel well lining on the right side.

Had the tires for one summer, put maybe 10,000 km on them. Not thrilled with the ride quality, and the back ones look brand new still. Front ones are bald as anything. I knew the car needed a front end alignment... despite all of plaza nissans claims that it didn't, and then they claimed they did one, which obviously they didn't.
Yeah I read mixed reviews on the tires. So far the ride quality seems OK but not sure yet I feel it pulling to the right more than my stock wheels. The dealership told me the same thing about alignment being fine but obviously its always been off. I'm get alignment done Friday from a shop because I know its off just a little bit.
Looks good man. Any more plans for it?
they look neat
how is the 45 ratio working out for you? does it feel bumpy on the road?
also, i like that thin red line going everywhere.. matches the black perfectly
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