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New 2010 Versa HB

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Hi all! I will be picking up my new Versa 1.8S Monday evening. I have always liked the looks of the car, ever since it came out. I like European designed cars and this one really looks the part. I had some trepidation about trading down from my SAAB 9-3 to a more modest car, but I have decided to go back to college and the extra money each month will come in handy. I found a white one with tan interior on Saturday while trolling the lots in Rochester NY and really like the color combo. Dealer made an offer I could not refuse so I pulled the trigger and will pick it up Monday night. Wish me luck!
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Welcome to the forums. Is the hatch auto or manual?
Ok, your point?!
good luck!
Ok, your point?!
he's just bored IMO :biggrinjester:

or maybe he's just letting the new member know that he's watching and keeping records of stuff, running some statistics LOL J/k!!!! :biggrinjester:

I don't know what else to say :thumb2:
nothing else matters!....ok not really, but cvt or stick? Save the stick!:D Welcome!
hello and welcome hope you enjoy your stay here!!
Welcome, hope you enjoy your new ride.
Ok, your point?!
Wow! I can't believe someone has the "extra time" to go through all the posts, and copy and paste the URL to prove a stupid point like that. People amaze me. Well, I have to agree I see you write that all the time, and can see where it could be annoying to some people, but I know your curious and want to know, so it's all good. But he says smart comments to me too, so I understand how you feel. :thumb2:

90Sentra: Congrats on the new purchase, hope you will have fun with it!! Best luck in college too!
Welcome to the forums!!!
Be sure to post up pics when you get the Versa :)
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