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New 2012 1.6 sl

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hellos everyone. names erik, my wife and just purchased a 2012 1.6 sl super black. this is a lil different from what im used to. i have owned an s14.5 with an sr20, 99 subaru legacy gt, a 91 mr2, an 03 se-r spec v, a 94 nissan pathfinder and now this. this is my first auto car and will take some getting use too.

so far its not that bad of a car. it currently has 31 miles on her, after a 16 mile ride home. no real plans because i am on a budget, after buying a brand new car.
oh yeah btw i live in shreveport, la. but not by choice.
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Hi congrats on the your new car, hope you enjoy it and welcome to the Nissan Versa world network :wave:
Welcome to the forums.
congrats on your new gas sipper.
Welcome to the forums post up some pics
thanks everyone. will get pics up soon just was busy today. and i noticed that i said that i have a SL, i dont i actually have a SV. i dont know why i did that
I know how you feel on the auto part.
^feel the same when i drive wife's cvt. Welcome Erik!
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