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New addition

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I've decided to add a new stereo head unit to the Versa so just ordered the Pioneer P4100.....been looking at it for a long time and have had good luck with Pioneer in the past and think it will look good in the the idea of a seven inch touch screen...a little more modern then the unit that Nissan is coming out with for the Versa.

I'll be adding all the goodies that is available including the iPhone/pod connection..XM...and hands free bluetooth. I'll post more after I've installed it.
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That will look great inside the V!
Let us know how it works.
the instal of that HU would that void the warranty?
No it doesn't void the warranty.

Everyone installs aftermarket stereos. There is no way that would void the warranty. I hope. lol
i dont know if it does i know where i work (tom obrien chrysler jeep dodge)
someone had an aftermarket headunit in there jeep wrangler that was still under warranty, and he got his "Accessiorie Electrical system" part of his waranty voided.
no matter what you install it doesn't void your entire warranty it only voids it on that particular part.
That's stupid that getting a stereo installed voids that part of your warranty.
Touch screen technology, not new but still amazing!
hate to burst your bubble but it does void the warrantee on all of your electronics. the way to avoid this is take it to your nissan dealer and have them install it. if they decide too of course :/
Warranty's are such BS. They fine any reason they can not to cover you.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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