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New and have a question!

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I bought (financed) a 2012 certified pre-owned Nissan Versa hatchback on dec 1st 2013 from a Nissan dealership and when I bought it, the cup holder in front of the shifter was completely melted through. Like you could see the wires inside the car under it. They said they would order a new cup holder to replace it, and I could bring it back in to get it fixed. Well I took it in on Saturday Dec 21, and when they took the cup holder out, they noticed that a cord under it was melted as well. They said the car is unsafe to drive because at any moment while driving, the shifter could move up or down, and also the key could come out of the ignition. So now I am awaiting on them to order a new cord to replace it for me. I don't have to pay for any of this, but shouldn't they have checked that out BEFORE they listed the car for sale? Isnt that a requirement for listing a car a certified pre-owned? I have the check list they did on the car of the inspection, but I do not know under which category this issue would be under. Either way, every single item is checked off as "Meets Stds".

Is there anything legally I can do about this? I feel I was lied to when I bought the car because it in fact was not all the way inspected when it was supposed to, since it is a "certified pre-owned".

Here is an image of the cup holder when I bought it. When I took it into the service dpt, the guy said he couldn't believe they sold the car to me like this.
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im pretty sure this should fall under interior category even tho its linked to the engine bay.

you can contact a lawyer, and ask what to do about it.

or hassle them and say that this isn't something that should be driving nor be test driven.

idk, that's all i can think of.

did you smell anything while taking the car for a test drive?
or when you took the car home?
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