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First off, this board is great! Thanks for all the posts about passing the power cable through the firewall, etc. It was easy passing my 4 gauge wire through it!

But here is my deal... I have a 2011 Nissan Versa SL with Navigation System. I am adding a four channel amp, new speakers, and a sub to the car, but I want to keep the Nav system. Does any body know if the Nav System head unit has a preset EQ curve for the stock system or is the EQ response flat? I am running speaker level inputs to a Kicker IX500.4 with the output going to Infinity Kappa components in the front and three way Kappas in the back.

Oh and I have searched the internet for this, but I just want to say that the Kicker Hideaway (HS8) fits beautifully under the passenger seat. The IX500.4 will be under the driver seat.

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