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Finally got around to registering...pleased to join in the Versa discussion community! I am in Ontario, Canada, and my Matador Red '11 SL hatch is just about out of warranty. Love this little 'Nagasaki Rocket', although with the ridiculously cold winter we've had, my expectations for fuel mileage have been rather disappointed. No big modifications just yet. I've worked the 'other side of the desk' in the automotive world, and know how strict they can be on mods during warranty as an easy 'out'. By summer, I am going to be looking at wheel and tire upgrades, relegating the factory alloys to winter tire duty. Performance-wise, no plans just yet. I grew up tuning the piss out of carburetor-equipped engines (yes, I'm THAT old), and my modern tuning routine tends to be better intake via K&N or intake work, which doesn't do a heck of a lot for the Versa to my understanding. I'm pretty happy with the 6-speed's responsiveness in stop-and-go city traffic.

Take Care out there, all, and I'm glad to be in the group!
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Welcome to the forums. Manual is the way to go. Enjoy your Versa, and ask anything, we're here to help you.
Welcome Canuckster
Manual SL hatch the only way to fly ;)
Don't worry about the demographic haha, I was born in the late sixties so lotsa folks here are less than half my age lol
A good group, welcome!

Not sure where in Ontario you are located. But we have monthly coffee meets at Krispy Kreme on Mavis Road in Mississauga; every 2nd Wednesday of the month.
Hello and welcome to the forums. Lots of friendly, enthusiastic and helpful folks that call these pages home. It's a great site for all things V.

Like Jason said, you are not the only one with a few years under your belt. Myself included and I have a few years on Jason!

Still, tuning is in your blood and the practise never really goes away. Just the parts and tools change. So take your time and you will find information from a member on almost every mod done, that can be done to a Versa, within this forum.

And like Ash stated, if you are within GTA or close to, we have monthly meet ups in Mississauga and would welcome all to attend. With or without mods, just a fun time to meet some folks and discuss whatever comes to mind!

I am also planning a Hamilton-Niagara Cruise this summer, when I can find a Saturday or Sunday that works for most of us. I tried last year but could not sync up on dates and when we did find a date, either the weather was lousy or some folks were unavailable then. However, I will keep trying. :grin
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