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Hello and welcome to the forums. Lots of friendly, enthusiastic and helpful folks that call these pages home. It's a great site for all things V.

Like Jason said, you are not the only one with a few years under your belt. Myself included and I have a few years on Jason!

Still, tuning is in your blood and the practise never really goes away. Just the parts and tools change. So take your time and you will find information from a member on almost every mod done, that can be done to a Versa, within this forum.

And like Ash stated, if you are within GTA or close to, we have monthly meet ups in Mississauga and would welcome all to attend. With or without mods, just a fun time to meet some folks and discuss whatever comes to mind!

I am also planning a Hamilton-Niagara Cruise this summer, when I can find a Saturday or Sunday that works for most of us. I tried last year but could not sync up on dates and when we did find a date, either the weather was lousy or some folks were unavailable then. However, I will keep trying. :grin
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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