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new car

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got a rx-8 today, test drove it pretty hard and it was real smooth and everything worked fine, less than an hour off the lot and only half way home the clutch burnt out. smoke and that horrible burn smell

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Looks good. Clutch was gone fast though.

Did you trade your V for it?
yea the v is gone, and now i have to get rides everywhere
When are you getting it back?
hopefully by firday, depends on the parts
Not bad, I'd request the V back til the RX-8 is fixed, or a rental atleast.
I'm getting my RX-7 on saturday :)
Me and the wife looked at one that was only 11gs and only had 18k miles from a Mazda dealership trying to get rid of it, but gas the gas mileage sucks for a 1.3L. and it was an automatic.
Did you check the oil? For RX-8's, the engine oil must be topped off, because of burnoff in the engine. You'll lose a pint about every 1000 miles. Also, use only synthetic.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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