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New from Sonora, MX

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Hello every body, I'm learning English, I promess you, to learn quickly to post much. Excuse Me, if I am not clear or if I am wrong to say some things.
My name's Julio, and I'm from Sonora, MX.
I'm happy for meet this wonderful place, i like very much.
I have a (versa) Tiida 2011 version low in Mexico, 1.8 Lts, standard steering, silver color, A/AC and this didn't have stereo and thank you to this place i can install a stereo with its four speaker, on this past December.

Everybody, it's nice to meet you...
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welcome to the forum
welcome Julio. Post some pictures when you can
welcome! did you check to see if your car has speakers and wiring for stereo? My car didn't come with one either but had everything ready. Just picked up the stock unit and plugged it in
Eso es compa, ahy que ensenar un poco de espanol aqui haha.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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