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New from south GA

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Hey everyone. My wife and I have a 2018 Versa base as our road vehicle. 3 pedals, roll up windows, manual locks. The car you need, not the one you want. But we love it.
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I have a similar 2016 Versa. It is our "bucket list" car. My girlfriend and I have been traveling and enjoying various Natural Parks and attractions. The car does everything we need it to do. We recently went on a trip and went up and down some mountains. The Versa performed flawlessly (without complaints) and got 43.1 mpg. My girlfriend is short enough that she can nap in the back seat (when we have to get an early start to get to the next destination). It was cheap enough that I was able to pay cash for it and checked all of our boxes for its intended purpose.

We are enjoying our Versa, as well.
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