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New guy with quick stereo question

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Hey everyone, I'm picking up a 2007 Versa SL tomorrow which I'm pretty happy about. It has the upgraded stereo with sub but I'm still thinking I'd like to replace the stereo with a Pioneer double din. If I buy it through Crutchfield with the proper adapter will the steering wheel controls still work?

Thanks and I look forward to using the forum for learning about all the little tricks for the Versa.

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you can choose a car DVD player . and now most of car DVD player support car steering control. You can take a look :happyshoppinglife. you will find the answer
Recently replaced my factory radio with one from crutchfield. I do not have steering wheel controls, but there was a plug in the back of the new unit for them. I would call crutchfield and ask their tech support before ordering a unit to see if it works.
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