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New Guy

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New owner of a 2007 Versa Hatchback SL. Its by new daily driver, putting my 2006 Toyota Matrix xrs to weekender. I live in Vegas if there is anyone else on here in Vegas. I am hoping this site will be as helpful to me as my matrix site.
Here she is:

IMAG1118 by Nuegen1, on Flickr
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Welcome to the forums. Any plans for it?
Welcome to the forums.
welcome to the forum
Welcome to the forums!
Thanks guys. No big plans for it yet. Just change all the filters and fluids out to start. Probly some better tint as it gets pretty dam hot in Vegas. Done a ton of stuff with the Matrix, with plans for more...So I'm sure I'll end up doing something. Just not in my nature to leave things alone :)
Yes welcome.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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