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New here and Versa Starting problem ?

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Hello Everyone. I found this site searching for a solution to a problem I've been having for about a month now.

Back in August of 2013 I had the starter replaced on my Versa. The problem was, I would go to start the car turn the key and nothing would happen. The lights, radio and A/c etc would come on. There was no noise from the starter or anything. Someone told me to bang on the starter with a hammer to get it to turn over. It worked, but I wanted a permanent fix. I would later replace the batt. since it was 5 years old. And I got a new starter put in. since then I didn't really have problems with it starting. Even in the coldest weather PA has had in years it started! Now fast forward to March of this year.

It started to do the same thing. off and on, sometimes after work. So I had the starter replaced under warrenty of the product. And just tonight, it wouldn't start!

I don't know what to do...I want to take it to the dealer because no one seems to know what the hell it is. I can't stand this car right now.

Sorry this is so long. but there really isn't anyone that can help on the internet, unless you want to pay $20 for an answer.

If anyone has this problem please post on here.

Thanks for reading
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Aftermarket starters are crap in my experiences. If you prchased an aftermarket one it may have crapped out again. Did you test your battery and alternator?
yup, clean those connections, test the battery load, alternator, and voltage drop across the wires.

Something in your system is weak and not transferring enough voltage to pop the solenoid. Honestly the starter is probably fine. you can also check the starter signal wire for voltage. That should be a small wire connected tthe starter that provides a 5V signal when the ignition switch is turned to crank. If you get no signal, then the issue is clsoer to the ignition switch.
cheech114, any update?

Having similar probs with my Versa '09. Thx.
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