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new here, have 2012 Versa Hatch

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Was just wondering if anyone knew if the Versa can tow a 10' tent trailer? am thinking of installing a hitch but before I do want to get some would be needed for a 3 - 4 hour long road trip/once a year, then just locally weekends, etc. Any help/advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Not sure i would want my Versa towing something that big ... Let alone anything at all.

I have a class II hitch on mine, but all I carry around is a bicycle or two.

I guess your best bet is to speak to a hitch installation shop and see what this car can tow, and then you would have to determine what hitch would be best.
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How much does it weigh?
not sure, it would be a 10' tent trailer...I don't have it yet, just finished a camping trip last week and rented a trailer from a local place where we were camping at, found the price a bit much, researched about trailers more when I got back and found a place close to where I live that rents tent trailers for $200 cheaper or could pick up a used one. Just thinking ahead for next year...
just ask the dealer to help you install one
just ask the dealer to help you install one
I'm pretty sure the Ontario dealerships do not sell hitches for the Versa. I had asked numerous dealerships for quotes, and none of them offered the hitch for the Versa. There are lots of hitch shops nearby that will install it.
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