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new here Hello

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Hi im new here just bought a 2011 versa s hatch brand new!!!I love this car!!!
Just cant get my tapatalk on my iphone to work!!!:45:
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Welcome, hope you enjoy your new V.
Welcome!!! Color?
It's like a charcoal color I tried to post pics but it didn't work.
Just rolled over to 100 miles today!!!
From west Virginia anyone else?
Hi i am new here and just wanted to say hi to all ,and hope i get to know many new information's from this site thanks.
welcome to the forums!
Been through WV a few times, it's beautiful! Welcome!
welcome to the board!! congrates on the new purchase
Thanks everyone WV okay I just hate the snow.I hope to learn alot from you all.
welcome to the forums~!
That's a nice looking car you have.thanks for the pics and enjoy.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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