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Hello everyone,
I have recently graduated from Rutgers University, and as a gift to myself I am finally going to do some upgrades to my versa. I would like to upgrade the appearance (body kit, rims, headlights etc) and the exhaust, possibly the intake nothing crazy or super not sure which route to go, especially with rim size and exhaust. I have been told different things about the changes in rim size and effects and also about the exhaust. I would like my car to sound nice but not wake the neighbors when I start up and drive away, any ideas? I don't want that weed wackier sound you hear from civics flying down the highway just a deep consistent sound when you put your foot down?

P.S. as some one with no shame in asking for help if anyone knows of any open entry level HR jobs let me know haha so I can continue to mod my car without going broke!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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