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hey everyone my name is mark. i live in Fort Smith AR. i drive 2009 versa hatch. so far mods are megan lowering springs, debadged, tint, custom exhaust that dumps by driver side rear door, and 18x7.5 ALT wheels.

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Welcome to the forums! Nice car, i like the white on red!
thanks. goin to cut a coil in the front to even it out. stillen front lip is next tho.
Welcome to the forums. Clean V! Any plans?
welcome to the forums Looks great the red on white is beautiful post some pics when you get the lip
just so you have more options if you are interested i found this lip

which is what ill be getting some time next month dont know if it fits though for the price im going to take a chance
im curious on thre fitment. i have bought a cheap lip before for my 350 i had. it didnt fit good at all. wasnt worth it imo. thanks for the link tho.
More then likely it will not fit if thats the case hopefully a body shop can maybe put some bondo and make it look nice.

Any sound clips of the custom exhaust ?
welcome! Car looks clean! Those rims look huge!
no sound clips...i want to get some and might just do that mid march. with the lip i is prob jsut as inexpensive you just buy a name brand that fits out of the box. by the time you pay a body guy itll be about the same cost. the stillen is only 180 or so. fits perfect from what i have heard.

ya the wheels look huge to me too in the pics. they dont look that big in person luckly. lol
lookin good. Welcome!
welcome man looking good
Welcome to NVF

Your VERSA looks really nice, tinted windows, lowered, and nice rims!
Stillen lip sounds good. Are you getting the whole kit or just the front lip?
Nice V man, real clean. :thumb2:
lookin just to get the front lip for now. i will need the rest but later.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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