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new idea for the v

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about to redo the V big time i want to get a new paint job back to white and do some more logos kinda on the back i want it to be black from one tail light to the other i made a ruff part of it not 100% yet but it will not look like that but you will get the idea of it

and the sides will look kinda like this

but this is just to start off will add more stuff to it but this is where it starts

tell me what you think?
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is not going to go over the lights but will start from the other side of the light and go down
is not going to go over the lights but will start from the other side of the light and go down
Paint job or vinyls?

Paint job would be a lot of $$.
it would be vinyls not paint would be nice tho
I am going to put some matte black vinyls on my car. If I ever get around to purchasing them I'll let you know how it worked out. lol
ok forget that top idea lol we started and ummmmi liked the trunk but not the side so new idea lol

we are going to be a twin to my friends tc but not the same but close to it

from the front it will go back but from the back it will go to the front vice versa lmao

his looks like this so it will be close to this

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omg i was just drawing and this came to mind i dont care its so going on the versa in the back and tribal will come from it but this is so going on the back where versa used to be lol

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That is probably the nastiest tc I have ever seen... Should look sweet on the v
Looks nice. Just depends on what your into really. I don't really like the whole graphics thing on cars but if you like it go for it! Be unique!

Can't wait to see the finished product!
tuesday is the big day the versa is nude right now but its going in for work at 10am and i hope too be out by 1pm so i hope the versa pulls tho this hard time right now lol

all clean and nice obama said time for a change so thats what im doing change lmao
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Nice! You gotta make sure you post the pics ASAP! lol
o most diff i will found this nice place to take pics later lol i been looking lmao
i got the back side done but have to go one more time for the front cuz he had lunch and had to pick up his kid so im not going to show it to u yet but it looks dope i got asked about it at every light its dope!
I want to see pics too? What did you end up getting? The tribal graphics done, or the black striping that you had first mentioned?
all the is left is from the front headlight going back the one from the trunk to the doors are done its so bad it goes hard ill show u when i get the hole car done
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