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New in Galveston TX

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Hi Y'all !
Had 2011 Versa that was a great car. Now back to basics again as I am getting close to retirement and don't need the fancy car anymore. Satisfies our need for a motorhome "toad" right now.
Just bought a 2007 hatchback which I really like(manual tranny) but have been reading about a lot of serious suspension problems. Car has 134,000 miles and aside from a loud clunking noise in front end especially, when turning wheel , appears to be a good car. Checking online there seems to be a lot of front suspension problems so I left it with a trusted mechanic a few minutes ago to check it out. We'll see I guess.
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Unless you live up north you might want to bump the oil weight up at least one step. That year one was around when they had a lot of block plating issues, there are no cast iron liners in the cylinders and block plating can wear quicker using thinner oil. Then the motors wear like lightning once the aluminum bore exposes through the worn plating which is only a couple thousandths thick. Nissan replaced hundreds of engines over it. You can look up warranty piston slap issues to find out more about it.
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