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New Member from canada

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Hello everyone new member here,

Got a Versa few months ago 2012 sedans S, its bashing and thrashing type of car that gets groceries rather well, and is used to take the abuse of salty winter roads.

So far i like the car, noticed some weird ticking raspy noises from engine... of course dealer says they are normal. i got full warranty so not too concerned about it for now.

first oil change oil was overfilled at dealer, bubbles in oil normal on these? Nissan dealer said it was fine.

i plan on modding this car, first mod being power locks, and well that will probably be the last mod as well.

love the trunk space, i race some HPI Baja 1/5th scale cars and can fit 2 of them in the trunk no problem. the leg room in tha back is great double that of my civic i had...

my other car is a Zed so the versa doesnt put a grin on my face but its a nice cheap car that saves some miles off the Z.

anyone removed the door panels on their versa sedan before?
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anyone removed the door panels on their versa sedan before?
Welcome! Also from Canada here ... quite a few of us on here!

I have removed the door panels in my hatchback ... should be rather similar.
Ive added power locks and windows its pretty easy. you need
4 electric door panel
4 window motor/regulators
4 wiring harnesses with power windows
4 switches for door panels
and 1 bcm
bubbles in oil not normal:( but overfilled my sentra once, had bubbles[but not outright foamy], was fine. if it's not more than one inch over the full mark, i wouldnt be too concerned.
i removed door panels to upgrade door speakers, easy
where ya from in Canuckland? Welcome!
Im from Toronto area, gonna try and tackle the doors 2morrow, i bought a cheap kit off ebay for the locks hope it works haha
welcome to the forums
Welcome! Enjoy the forum.
Toronto area? More specifically?
thats specific enough no? if u wanna come over for coffee or something inbox me
do u guys organize versa cruises or something? :p
do u guys organize versa cruises or something? :p
We have meets once in a while in the GTA.
im thinking of debadging my cars a swapping badges, put the Z badge on the Versa and vice versa haha
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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