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New member from SoCal!

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Hey guys I'm new to the forum and just bought a fully loaded 2013 versa SL and absolutely love it! Gets alot better mpg than the pathfinder I traded in and better mpg than my Evo9

I'm looking to lightly mod the car (suspension wheels)

I cannot find any suspension for this car, does it use the same springs as the older versas??

Thanks for your guys help!
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Welcome to the forums. I'm not sure if it uses the same suspension as the older Vs but I believe one of the 2nd gen. sedans has Megan springs so I'd look into those.
Welcome to the forums!
Welcome to the forums. If you have a sedan theres the Megan springs. If you have the hatch then you can use suspension setups from any year.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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