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New Member-Not Sure I Did This Right The First Time-REWIND!

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Hello, my name is Andy and I own a 2008 Versa Sedan that I purchased in Sept. of 2009. MR18, 1.8L, automatic, CVT. Unfortunately, I blew a motor and I am looking to replace it. Does anyone have experience purchasing one out of Canada for shipment into the US (Memphis)? Freight costs? Customs? Taxes? Need some quick guidance as I am looking to purchase within the next couple of days. Thanks in advance.
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Hey welcome !!!

You are the second owner this week to post that they have blown the motor on their Versa ... What caused it to go?

Not sure about shipment from Canada to US ... duty/customs could be a killer there!
Have you tried looking at Standard Auto Wreckers in the US? The freight and brokerage will be expensive as you're probably aware. Welcome to the forums
Welcome!! What caused the engine to blow? We have had one person to make it over the 200K mark, but several have had blown motors....
I wrote you on this on the other place where you posted this
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