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Greetings everyone.

I have an '08 SL hatchback, which I bought new from Nissan of Fife in WA in August of '07. It was the very first car they got of the new model year, and I bought it while it was still on the train from Mexico. It had 7.5 miles when I picked it up, now 5 years later it is nearing the 60,000 mark.

At the time of the 30,000 checkup I was going through severe financial difficulty, so it never got done. I have kept up the oil changes on schedule and it has had the recall work. It has never had any problems aside from a couple of blown tail lights.

I moved to Idaho about four years ago and usually get the oil changes done at the local dealer, since their price is competitive with the shops in the area. They do a fluid and brake inspection as part of the job, and have not notified me anything needs changing except the brake pads are down to 5mm. Should I get the 60,000 service done before the powertrain warranty disappears? It has the CVT, so I will have a warranty on the tranny for quite some time.

So far the Versa has been a real peach, and I hope to get at least another 80,000 out of it like I did with my previous car.
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